Piston Air Compressors Sydney and Their Types

An air compressor is basically a machine designed to suck all the air around it, compress it really hard and store it in the tank. Then, it releases it at a really high pressure to run various tools and machines. As far as usage is concerned, this machine is undoubtedly multi-purposeful and because of this, you’ll find it in a huge variety. In this post, we take a look at some of the most popular versions.

compressors Sydney

Piston air compressors Sydney

This version has an inbuilt tank to store highly compressed air. The motor shuts down automatically as soon as the capacity limit is crossed or it appears that the pressure is rising inside the tank. As the tank is brought into use, the pressure starts dropping and as it drops to a certain level, the motor starts all over again automatically. The required pressure for shutting the motor off and switching on can be adjusted as per the needs.

This version comes in two different kinds, i.e. single-staged compressors Sydney and two staged.

• The former version has only one piston that compresses and releases the air into the inbuilt tank.
• This version is basically the domestic version and can be seen in homes and other smaller units.
• It can accommodate the maximum of 150 PSI and this clearly signifies that it is meant for lighter use only.

The latter name mentioned above has two pistons to compress and release air from the storage tank.

• The first of the two pistons compresses and passes it to the second piston through a check valve.
• The second piston works by compressing it even further and eventually delivering it into the storage tank.