Understanding the Terminology of Air Compressors Sydney

As far as buying air compressors Sydney is concerned, there are several questions that you need to find the answers of before buying. In this post, we take a look at different questions along with their answers in terms of purchasing this machine.

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What are the secrets to buy a perfect machine?

According to the experts, the machine that you need and the one that suits your require will be the best machine for you and there are no secrets as such. On the top of everything, they say that you should have the basic understanding of the terminology used in relation with this machine. Some of them are being discussed below.


This term, SCFM stands for Standard Cubic Feet per Minute and knowing this SCFM is important, as you’ll need it to operate your machine.


• PSIG stands for Per Square Inch Ground and this term is used to determine the pressure resulting from the force applied to an area of one square inch.
• This unit of pressure is relative to the surrounding atmosphere.


ISO stands for INTERNATIONAL STANDARDIZATION ORGANIZATION and this organization offers a set of Standard Classes of Compressed Air Quality.


• The term duty cycle refers to how long the machine can continue to operate before it needs some rest or break.

The two most popular types of air compressors Sydney are the Reciprocating version and the Rotary Screw version.

Features of reciprocating version

• Low initial cost
• Low maintenance cost
• Higher energy operating cost
• Maximum Duty Cycle = 75%

Features of Rotary Screw version

• Medium initial cost
• Medium maintenance cost
• Lower energy operating cost
• Maximum Duty Cycle = 100%