What To Buy While Buying Reciprocating Air Compressors Sydney?

Deciding to buy air compressors Sydney is easy, but what is not easy is going to a store or an online portal and pick the one depending upon your needs. This is because of the availability of a whole plethora present there. However, the rule of thumb is to not get confused and straightaway eye reciprocating version, but only after considering the following things.

Determining the type

  • This is because usually, you’ll find three different types present in the markets.

They are –

  • Single staged machines – The power usually goes up to 20 CFM of Cubic Feet per Minute.
  • Two staged machines – The compression power can go up to about 50 CFM capacity at about 175 PSI.
  • Twin compressors Sydney – The compressing power generally depends upon the amount of capacity (Cubic Foot per Minute) you need.

Determining the capacity and pressure

  • To find the capacity, you can simply add up the air consumption of all the air tools that you will use.

Determine the horsepower

  • Generally, there is no necessity of knowing the horsepower of the machines you are eyeing.
  • This power “horsepower” is generally the result of the required pressure and capacity.
  • According to the experts, you should basically keep CFM and PSI under consideration while buying air compressors Sydney.

Determine the electric connections

  • Before buying, you need to determine the voltage that you have at the place where you want to use.
  • You’ll have to know the maximum current that your wiring an handle as well as whether you have single-phase or 3-phase power.

Some other things that you need to understand before buying the reciprocating version of air compressors Sydney.

  • This version of this machine makes lots of sound.
  • You’ll require sufficient ventilation holes in the sound blocking enclosure, if you get it installed.
  • Most of them come with a 40-80 gallon sized tank, which is fine.