Some Handy Tips For Car’s Paint Protection

The colour of a car is its top USP as well as the most vulnerable thing too. USP because your car is recognized primarily by its colour and vulnerable because it fades away faster than any other component of the vehicle. However, experts say that with the help of some valuable tips regarding paint protection, this fading can be delayed and some of those points are being discussed below.

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Protection from sunlight

  • According to the experts, sunlight is the enemy number one of any vehicle’s paint and the first step is to protect it from long term exposure to sunlight.
  • Being exposed to harmful sunrays and UV light, the colour will fade faster than usual and therefore, the best car paint protection strategy is parking it under the shade like garage.

Washing the vehicle regularly

  • You should wash the vehicle on a regular basis and in fact, in less than two weeks every time.
  • This will give it the much needed cooling and because of washing, it’ll become free from dirt and dust that is responsible for fading.
  • However, just make sure that you select the right washing and polishing agents or those recommended by the car manufacturing brand.
  • Also make sure you use a soft duster.

Wax application

  • According to the sellers of compressors Sydney, the next step is waxing the body after you have dried it, post washing.
  • This waxing will add a kind of protective layer on the body, thereby ensuring full-proof car paint protection.

Some other steps that would ensure high quality paint protection are –

  • Buy car paint protection film that can last up to five years
  • Keep the body safe from oils, alkalis and acids
  • Make dusting the vehicle your habit