Car Spray Painting Techniques For That You Must Know

Spray Paint can add wonders to the design of the cars and makes it different. But the painting job is not as easy as it may sound. It requires car spray painting lessons to learn the correct way of using the tools and paints. Let us have a look a look at some of them of the car spray painting techniques.

car spray painting lessons

Spraying should be done in multiple lighter coats

The novice car spray painters try to paint in a fast pace which is not the correct way of advancing through the process. It is always advisable to keep the spray nozzle at least 10 to 12 inches from the car and apply in even strokes from left to right.

Prepare the surface before spray painting

Before you use your spray gun, you should make sure that the surface is smooth and does not have any imperfections or scratches. You can do so with the use of sandpaper with low grit ranging from 80 to 300 grit pieces. It makes the spray painting easier.

Remove the parts that need to be spray-painted

If you are new to spray painting, you should remove the parts and then paint them. For instance, if you need to paint certain parts of the car such as bumper or door, you can remove them and then spray paint on them separately.

Now that you have learnt some of the car spray painting techniques, the next thing you can do for your car is to protect it with Paint Protection Sydney that uses coating based on the principles of nanotechnology. Not only does this protects your car from damage but also from the UV rays and provides thermal resistance. You can provide a complete makeover for your car and protect it as well. Kudos, people!