Get the Answers and Tips Of “How to Paint Your Car?”

If you are still searching for the answer of your question, “how to paint your car?” continue reading this post, as we’ve come up with some top tips related to spray painting on a vehicle. These tips can be used irrespective of whether you are using a standard auto spray gun or a car airbrush. With these tips, you will get an assurance that you’ll get the job done right in the first attempt.

Remove or Tape to Avoid Overspray

  • Experts say that if you are not experienced in this and doing this spray painting for the first time, make sure that you remove all the parts that don’t need painting.
  • In case, it is somewhat tougher, tape them down and for this, nothing would be better than painter’s grade masking tape.
  • The best feature of this masking tape is that despite being very powerful, it will not damage the paint or chrome and will get off really easily.

Surface Preparation Is Essential

  • Experts offering compressor for sale Sydney say that well before you pick up the spray gun, prepare the surface to be painted as per the instructions.
  • In this regard, your best friend would be the sandpaper or low grit (80 to 300 grits) as it would smooth the entire area to help it get rid of scratches.
  • Experts say that the more time you spend preparing the surface of the vehicle, the easier spraying the car will be.

Spray Several Light Coats Rather One Heavy One

  • One of the biggest mistakes that DIYers commit is that they tend to try to paint a vehicle too quickly.
  • The drawback is that it often results into runs or paint build-up and to avoid this, make sure that you hold your spray nozzle approximately 10 to 12 inches away from the vehicle.
  • Sellers of air compressors that are used for painting say that you should spray the vehicle with slow and even strokes.
  • Similarly, you should make sure that you paint from back to left and not up and down.