Important Things to Know About Air Compressors Sydney

With so many types and options present in the markets, buying one of the best air compressors Sydney could become one of the toughest tasks. However, experts say that by having some very basic knowledge about this machine, you would be able to get the best machine for your use. Here is the most important information that you should have.


As far as types is concerned, you’ll find three types of reciprocating air compressors Sydney and the names are –

  • Single stage compressors – This version can compress the air in just one stroke and can go up to 20 CFM at the pressure of 125 PSI.
  • Two stage Machine – This version uses two stages to compress the air to the end pressure and this means that the machine will have two cylinders/pistons.
  • The twin compressors – this version is almost similar to the two-stage version

Capacity and Pressure

  • Those offering compressor for sale say that the capacity (CFM) and the pressure are the two most important specifications.
  • To find out the capacity that you need, simply add up the air consumption of all the air tools that you will use.


  • This is also an important thing to know as far as air compressors Sydney are concerned, as it is the result of the required pressure and capacity that you need.
  • Therefore, experts recommend that you should not look at horsepower and only concentrate upon the capacity (CFM) and pressure (PSI).


  • Experts say that they can be quite noisy and therefore, you need to put some questions before yourself and the first is whether you plan to install it inside or outside.
  • This reciprocating version could be really noisy and, in this regard, experts recommend that you can make an enclosure around the component.
  • However, there should be ventilation holes in a generous amount to make sure that the heat does not collect inside the chamber.

Tank Size

  • Most reciprocating compressors come with a 40-80-gallon tank, and experts too say that a larger tank is always better.