Air Compressors Sydney and Their Preventive Maintenance

As far as air compressors Sydney are considered, they need preventive maintenance and there is no doubt about the same. However, the problem is that most users of these machines are aware of general maintenance, but unaware of how, what and when to do. Therefore, we have come up with a post that discusses about preventive maintenance steps to be taken on a frequent basis. However, remember that these steps could be different for different types of air compressors Sydney and here, we will be discussing those related to air cooled reciprocating compressors.

Steps to Be Taken on A Daily Basis:

  • Check the lubricant level.
  • Make sure that it never drops below the mid-range of the bayonet gauge.
  • Empty water out of the receiver tank.
  • Visually inspect the compressor and verify the safeguards are in place.
  • Experts of automotive paint say that you should also check for leaks and vibrations.

Steps to Be Taken on A Weekly Basis or After Every 40 Hours of Use:

  • Check the pressure relief valves
  • Clean the surfaces of the compressor and intercooler
  • Inspect the compressor and hoses for air leaks
  • Clean out the air intake filter

Steps to Be Taken Every Month or After Every 160 Hours of Use:

  • Inspect the belt tension

Steps to Be Taken Every Three Months, Or After Every 500 Hours of Usage:

  • Change out the lubricant
  • Inspect the lubricant filter
  • Change the oil filter
  • Inspect the torque on the pulley nuts and screws

Steps to Be Taken Every Six Months or After Every 1,000 Hours of Usage:

  • Change out the lubricant
  • Check valves for leaks or carbon prints
  • Clean the crankcase
  • Clean the strainer screen of the crankcase
  • Examine the motor-area contact points and pressure switch diaphragm.