Useful Things to Pay Attention Towards While Buying Air Compressors Sydney

In most cases, the decision regarding buying compressors Sydney comes down to one conclusion, i.e. the reciprocating compressors. But there are a few things that you need to know about this version before you could invest in them and in this post, you will get to know some of them.

Compressor Type

There Are Basically 3 Types of Reciprocating Air Compressors:

  • Single stage compressors – Single stage units compress the air in one stroke, from ambient to end pressure.
  • Two stage compressors – Two stage air compressors go up to about 50 CFM capacity at about 175 PSI.

Car Paint Protection

  • Twin compressors – The last version you would find in the markets is given the name of twin compressors Sydney.

Capacity and Pressure

  • According to the experts offering tips and lessons related to paint protection Sydney, the capacity and pressure are the two most important specifications to look for at the time of buying.
  • The capacity can be found by adding up the air consumption of all the tools that you want to use on the base of these air compressors Sydney.
  • Small tools like nailers use only a little air, while big tools like sanders and grinders use lots of compressed air.
  • In this regard, it is said that the highest required pressure dictates the pressure that you need.
  • Experts say that it is always a wise decision to buy the compressors Sydney of higher pressure than the actual pressure that you need.

Horse Power

  • This is something that you should not be actually bothered about because it is basically the result of the required pressure and capacity that you need, not the other way around.
  • Experts say that at the time of buying, you need not pay any attention on the horsepower and rather, concentrate entirely upon the PSI and CFM.