Tips to Help You Invest In the Right Air Compressors Sydney

People believe that buying air compressors Sydney is an easy thing because the buyer simply has to determine his needs and buy one that matches it. However, they are not totally correct because there are a number of things to look for while selecting such a machine and here in this post, we have covered some of them to help you buy the best one.

Air Compressor Sydney

Air Compressor Sydney

Air Quality

You will have to ensure that the machine allows you to successfully achieve and maintain the air quality as per the standards.

For this, you will have to consider a number of things and some of them are –

  • Control the ambient temperature
  • Supply the required cooling airflow
  • Prevent negative air pressure
  • Use ducts to remove exhaust heat
  • Remove the radiated heat
  • Recover any wasted heat

Keep the outside of the air-cooled heat exchangers clean

You will also have to consider several very important things at the time of installing air-cooled compressor equipment. In this regards, experts add that you will have to determine the pressure dew point of the compressed air that is exiting the dryer.

Knowing the symptoms of poor installation of air compressors Sydney will help you a lot in taking quick decisions and they have been discussed underneath.

  • High compressor operating temperatures
  • Compressor shutdowns at high temperature
  • High-discharge air temperature
  • Reduced compressor output
  • Increased refrigerant suction pressures on the air dryer
  • Moisture downstream of the cleanup equipment

Sizing an Air Compressor

At the time of investing in compressors Sydney, it is very important that the size is determined and for deciding about the size, you will have to take note of the following points.

  • Determine your air requirements
  • Determine the total the CFM needed for the air compressor
  • Allow for leaks and growth of the business
  • Determine the Duty Cycle
  • Determine the required pressure (PSIG)
  • Check for voltage and phase
  • Determine the compressor tank (receiver) size

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