Some Steps to Take Regarding Paint Protection

The issue of car paint protection is not an easy thing to deal with because this is a constant issue to deal with. Why it is a constant issue because every season or any kind of climate change comes with new threats for vehicle’s paint. Therefore, experts say that it’s important to be aware of in-depth paint protection Sydney strategies to even the most basic ones because the basic ones would stay the same while the in-depth ones change with the season. Here in this post, we have covered some basic steps that will help in overall paint protection.

Car Paint Protection Sydney


The First Step; Wash

  • According to the experts, the first step involved in paint protection is the washing of the body of the vehicle and for this; you will have to choose the right washing material.
  • Experts say that you should totally avoid dish-washing soaps or general clothes washing shops and rely upon those recommended by the car manufacturer brand.
  • Once the washing is done, don’t forget to get the vehicle rinsed and then waxed because the wax will save the body from any dirt and dust.

Step Two in Car Protection: Clay Bar Treatment

  • According to the experts, this step is to be taken when you feel some bumps or roughness in the vehicle’s body as with it, all these bumps, roughness, etc. will be gone.
  • After your car is washed and free from dirt and debris you should be able to run your hand down the paint of your car and it should feel smooth.

Method of Clay bar Treatment:

  • First, spray the vehicle’s paint with a lubricant and wet the surface with an even mist
  • Rub a bar of clay across the paint surface in a straight line
  • Then, simply wipe the lubricant off the surface
  • Now you can move onto sealing in and protecting all your hard work

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